7 Best Day Trips From New Orleans For The Perfect Outing

Day Trips From New Orleans - Plantation Tour

Welcome to Cruisin Tikis Bay St. Louis, the top spot for exciting boat rides and a tropical vibe. We can help if you’re looking for weekend trips from New Orleans. Get ready to explore breathtaking surroundings, embark on thrilling experiences, and make lifelong memories.

When making travel arrangements, reserve a Tikis boat trip in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, for a thrilling experience you won’t find anywhere else.

1) Experience Memorable Moments At Sea With Cruisin Tikis Tiki Boat Tours

Our day trip outings, which last anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours, will give you a taste of the distinctive character of this seaside region. Our tiki cruises, breathtaking destinations, and cozy spaces are the perfect place for a family outing. Additionally, you can take pictures of all the incredible moments to post on social media.

Join a cruise at the Bay St. Louis municipal marina to discover this area’s gorgeous waterways. Discover the majestic wonder of over 25 species of whales and dolphins that can be spotted off the Mississippi Gulf coast of Bay St Louis with us. Join us on a tiki cruise, and you may be lucky enough to witness these majestic creatures.

2) Honey Island Swamp Tour

Experience the authentic Cajun culture firsthand on a memorable day excursion from New Orleans. In Honey Island Swamp, embark on exhilarating day trips to see amazing wildlife like alligators. This tour is a spectacular adventure because it offers educational activities and unmatched scenery.

Cajun Country is also home to the annual Festival Acadiens et Creoles, a celebration of traditional music, dance, and crafts in Lafayette, Louisiana.

3) Shell Beach

The beach is in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, an ideal spot for New Orleans day trips. It is a secluded beach renowned for its abundance of shells, including whelks, cockles, and oysters. It’s ideal for swimming, fishing, and sunbathing because of its quiet and shallow waters.

You can collect shells while relaxing and unwinding on this beautiful beach. You can also take a scenic drive to Lake Pontchartrain, just 30 minutes from New Orleans, and enjoy a day of fishing, sunbathing, or paddling in the iconic lake.

4) Baton Rouge & Blue Bayou Water Park

Another fantastic day trip option is a visit to the vibrant city of Baton Rouge, only an hour away from New Orleans. With its museums, galleries, and delicious culinary scene, Baton Rouge offers a delightful change of scenery from New Orleans.

There are also plenty of delicious restaurants, shopping opportunities, and more in the city’s vibrant downtown, making a day trip to Baton Rouge the perfect option for anyone looking to get away.

When visiting the region, try some Louisiana French dishes like gumbo. Here are some of the restaurants where you can try gumbo soup:

  • Parrain’s Seafood Restaurant

  • Rice & Roux

  • The Chimes East

The Blue Bayou Water Park features exhilarating water slides, meandering lazy rivers, and incredible wave pools where you can enjoy the excitement of riding waves that resemble those seen in the ocean.

The interactive splash zones and miniature slides made especially for kids will be a hit with them. You will have a blast at this aquatic paradise, no matter your preferences.

5) Grand Isle State Park

Take a day trip to grand isle State Park, the only inhabited barrier island in New Orleans, for a beach vacation. The grand isle provides a variety of outdoor activities, including swimming and fishing. Enjoy the grand isle, surf, sun, and sand while soaking up the coastal charm.

These day trips from New Orleans to the national forests, state parks, and beaches offer many chances to connect with nature, engage in outdoor activities, and make lasting memories.

6) Infinity Science Center

The Infinity Science Center is a great day trip for the perfect outing from New Orleans. Going to the center can get you to imagine what it would be like to be an astronaut. Explore interactive exhibits that offer insights into the history and future of space exploration.

Watch the massive rocket engines on display and learn about the engineering marvels that propel humans beyond Earth’s atmosphere. A day trip to the NASA Stennis Space Center provides a glimpse into the extraordinary achievements of humankind as we reach for the stars.

7) National Forests And State Parks

De Soto National Forest, Oak Alley, and Fontainebleau Park are just a few places you can visit on day trips from New Orleans to experience the stunning natural scenery of Cajun Country.

Atchafalaya Natural Heritage Area

Hiking, bird-watching, kayaking, and fishing are just a few of the activities you can partake in to enjoy the Atchafalaya Basin’s natural beauty. The region’s magnificent old cypress and tupelo gum trees inhabited by wild animals give the area special attractiveness.

It has twisting bayous, rivers, and America’s largest river swamp. Alligators, raccoons, and even bears roam the lands while 270 species of birds take to the skies.

De Soto National Forest

Wildlife, including raccoons, alligators, and manatees, thrive in the 500,000-acre National Forest in Mississippi, which bears the name of the Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto. The United States Woodland Service maintains this beautiful woodland where visitors can go hiking, camping, and fishing in the Mississippi River.

Oak Alley Plantation Tour

Visitors can have day trips to the plantation house, museum, and gift store located on the banks of the Mississippi River. The plantation is flanked by imposing 300-year-old oak trees. Explore the magnificent mansion and bask in its opulent furnishings and decorations, making you feel like a historical movie character.

Fontainebleau State Park

One of the top day trips from New Orleans is a visit to the beautiful Fontainebleau State Park. Louisiana’s Fontainebleau Park entices visitors with its magnificent oak trees and lovely hiking routes.

Squirrels, deer, and various bird species can all be seen in the park, a haven for wildlife. Discover the pathways and take in the natural splendor of this peaceful park, which offers picnicking and bird-watching opportunities.

Avery Island

It is a beautiful botanical paradise filled with wildlife, unusual plant species, and fascinating sculptures. Day trips to the Tabasco Factory can help you discover more about the creation of the renowned pepper sauce.

Discover The Best Day Trips From New Orleans For The Perfect Weekend Adventure

There’s something for everyone to enjoy, from the exotic vibes of a tropical boat cruise to full immersion in Cajun culture, outdoor adventures, and historical explorations.

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This tour is perfect for families, friends, and special occasions.

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Up to 6

1.5-hour Sunset Cruise / please note as days get longer or shorter the departure time can change / BYOB

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