9 Unique Ideas For The Perfect New Orleans Bachelorette Party

New Orleans Bachelorette Party

New Orleans for a bachelorette party? Count me in! You’d be surprised how much the party city has in store for an unforgettable bachelorette weekend. Your gang will enjoy dancing the night away to rhythmic music, devouring savory cuisines, and taking electrifying boat rides.

Most bridal gangs prefer to plan their bachelorette weekend around the Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans. However, you can still have a one-of-a-kind bachelorette party without attending the parade.

Let us show you how bachelorette party planning is easy, especially in the vibrant city. We curated the most exciting and fun New Orleans bachelorette party guide so you can relax and let the good vibe flow.

1) Start With A Food Tour At The French Quarter

You can’t start a party without food. Embark on a food tour at the French Quarter to sample scrumptious Creole dishes, beignet, and a cup of gumbo.

Taste your way as you walk along the Mississippi River, enjoying stunning views and friendly locals. You can also order a few cocktails before officially beginning the bach party.

What’s better than getting a fabulous fine dining experience at the most iconic New Orleans restaurants with your girls? Prepare your palate for these top French Quarter restaurants:

  • GW Fins

  • Irene’s

  • Mr. B’s Bistro

  • Galatoire’s

  • Restaurant R’evolution

2) Go For A New Orleans Tiki Booze Cruise

Nothing is more exciting for a New Orleans bachelorette party than a sunset cruise. Enjoy the tropical vibes and ice-cold drinks in Bay St Louis, just an hour from the city, on an extraordinary boat cruise.

For only $55, you can explore the waterways of Bay St Louis with Cruisin’ Tikis for 1.5 hours. Discover the beauty of the bay area like never before.

Feel free to bring your own drinks and kick back as you enjoy the sights and sounds of the bay. Book a tiki cruise to turn your trip into the ultimate party!

3) Grab A Nightcap At The Hotel Monteleone’s Carousel Bar And Lounge

The bride gang has probably gone out plenty of times for a nightcap. But they haven’t experienced drinking in a revolving bar.

Take the New Orleans bachelorette party to a new level by going to the carousel bar at Hotel Monteleone. The hotel is famous among locals and visitors for its comprehensive cocktail menu and scenic views.

4) Get Wild On Bourbon Street

The best bachelorette parties in New Orleans typically involve drinking. So, if you didn’t get enough alcohol at the Hotel Monteleone, you would surely enjoy bar hopping on Bourbon Street.

Each cocktail bar is within walking distance, beckoning you inside with loud music. Flooded with twinkling lights and continuous blinking, the ambiance is perfect for a fun night with the girls.

You can also have a more intimate experience at the rooftop bar, where the girls can perch and mingle. Mambo’s has over three floors serving great views of the bustling street and city skyline.

5) Explore The Art Scene At Royal Street

One of the best New Orleans bachelorette party ideas is exploring the art scene. If you have art lovers in the group, they will be completely blown away by the cultural hub. From public art and street murals to warehouses, there is so much creative expression to explore in the city.

You can stroll further into the French Quarter to find Royal Street to buy antiques. There are so many trinkets the girls can buy to remind them of the New Orleans bachelorette party weekend.

6) Dance To Live Music On Frenchman Street

How can you have the best bachelorette party in New Orleans without music? Known for its electric and hip night scene, Frenchman Street is one of the best live music areas in New Orleans.

Lined with shops during the daytime and bars at night, you will find plenty of locals going here when they want to have fun. It’s an excellent opportunity for the girls to get the true meaning of partying in New Orleans.

7) Dinner At Warehouse District

Forget the dietary plan your nutritionist gave you. There is plenty to devour at Warehouse Arts District before concluding your New Orleans bachelorette party.

Enjoy Emeril’s Lagasse’s flagship restaurant for lunch, or go to Peche for coastal seafood in the Big Easy. There is plenty of restaurants to give you a taste of New Orleans that will keep you reminiscing after you leave.

8) Explore Garden District

To escape the hustle and bustle of the central business district of New Orleans, explore the glorious Garden District. The oak-lined streets and gorgeous houses make it a perfect area for a short stroll during the day.

If the bride-to-be is looking for inspiration for her new home, she will get plenty of design ideas. Each mansion’s architecture and exquisite details are something to bestow. Most architectural styles in this part of New Orleans are Greek Revival, Queen Anne, and Italianate.

As much as mansions and mind-blowing landscapes are the main attractions, there are plenty of other must-dos:

  • Take a ride on the St. Charles Streetcar – It has the most scenic view of the Garden District.

  • Shop on Magazine Street – there are popular chains of boutiques between Washington Avenue and Louisiana Avenue.

  • Dine at Commander’s Palace – You can enjoy some New Orleans classics, such as the Turtle Soup, Jazz Brunch, and even martinis.

  • Go for a luxury bus tour – You can’t miss visiting Lower Garden District to check out famous churches. Bless the union in St Alphonsus or St Mary’s Assumption Church before the wedding day.

9) Pamper Your Group With A Spa Day

After all those activities, the bridal gang must need a little relaxation from The Big Easy. Hitting the spa will be a great way to conclude your New Orleans bachelorette party.

Enjoy hot stone massages, facials, and pedicures as a bonding exercise before leaving the city. Some spas also offer champagne and cocktails to help clients relax even more – cheers to the bride-to-be.

Make Your New Orleans Bachelorette Party Special

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